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A building permit has been issued, and I want to add a role and delete a component, which is the appendix. What should I do?

You can amend the building permit after issuance by applying for the service of adding and amending building components.
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Official assignment to the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing:

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Was Established In 1395 AH / 1975 AD By Royal Decree No. (A / 266) Dated 10/8/1395 AH, The Ministry is responsible for the urban planning of the Kingdom's cities, and the implications of providing roads, and essential equipment.

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Open Data

About open data

About Open Data

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing paid early attention to making data available to beneficiaries, aware of the role of data in enhancing knowledge and supporting decision-making, and began in 2009 to create a statistics page that included a time series for a few data sets of municipal sector activities and services.


Accepting the transfer of ownership of a commercial license

Through this service, the new owner can accept the transfer of the commercial license and start doing business with it.

Accommodation facilities platform

It is a platform that helps the owners of accommodation facilities or officials to register their facilities and manage the monthly disclosure of occupancy, and pay according to it - according to the category of the facility - with the presentation and printing of the necessary reports.

Add and modify build components

This service allows the beneficiary to add, modify and delete building components in his license.
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