Ministry's Strategic Structure

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The main pillars

Spatial planning and urban landscape

  • visual appeal increment

  • The quality of life enhancement

  • The urban sustainability activation

Lands and real estate administration

  • Municipal properties transparency

  • Land management efficiency


  • Infrastructure projects coverage and maintenance

  • Projects delivery efficiency

  • Quality assurance of infrastructure projects

Hygiene and public health

  • cleaning services enhancement

  • Public health services Improvement

  • Awareness and enforcement

Stimulating offer

  • Encourage the production of household products

  • Enhancing land availability and reducing monopoly

  • Visual appeal increment

Enable the request

  • The beneficiary Suitable housing products enabling

  • Enabling housing for the families most in need


Legislation and compliance

  • Activate stimuli to enhance compliance

  • The control system Development

  • Legislative effectiveness

  • The effectiveness of the real estate development system Improvement

Financial sustainability

  • Fees revenues and fines are commensurate with the cost of services assurance

  • Privatization of municipal services

  • investment revenue development

  • Capital and operational productivity development

  • Optimal budget planning

Institutional excellence

  • Recruiting, developing, and retaining qualified personnel

  • Improving the level of institutional maturity

  • Developing institutional communication and raising awareness of the ministry's services and products

  • Social participation and responsibility enhancement

  • innovation in service delivery activation

Digital transformation and data

  • Digital transformation and smart cities

  • Make use of the data

  • Customer experience enhancement

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