Issuance of a commercial license

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Issuance of a commercial license

Commercial licenses
  • Food/drinks
  • Consulting
  • Tourist
  • Companies
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Legal
Through this service, you can start practicing a business by issuing a commercial activity license, besides the safety permit issued by the General Directorate of Civil Defense for all commercial activities approved by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing.

You can apply for a commercial license for your activity, for example, but not limited to a business license, environment licenses, an industrial company license, a medical company license, a food company license, a tourism company license, and a professional institution license by following the next steps: 
1) Enter the facility register and identify the activity and area. 
2) Locate and fill out shop or truck details.
3) Pay fees if it is an immediate activity or send the request to the municipality in case of non-immediate activities.

1) External picture of the shop with the prominent shop panel.
2) Lease contract, title deed or investment contract signed by the Municipality or other government agencies. 
3) Cleaning contract (optional depending on the contract and type of activity).
4) Safety tools invoice or safety report from Civil Defense for immediate activities.
5) A copy of the building permit.

Learn about the list of required government requirements and approvals according to the type of activity.

See the executive instructions in the list of fines and penalties for municipal violation.

الاسئلة الشائعة
Is it required to attach the building permit when issuing a commercial license?
The building permit is among the attachments required while applying for the service of issuing a commercial license, and it requires a license based on the activity. You can apply for the service through the following link:
What is the procedure when a notification appears to the customer (the trade license number is wrong)?
Please enter as the applicant (owner/manager of a facility) in case the license is on a commercial register, and if the license is on a national ID, you can enter through (for myself).
How do I issue a commercial license from Balady site?
You can visit the following link:
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