Print a burial certificate

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Print a burial certificate

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A service that allows the beneficiary to print a burial certificate on Ikram platform.
Print a burial certificate

1) The beneficiary visits the Balady / Ikram platform.
2) Choose the "Printing Burial Certificate" service.
3) Login through the unified national access or through the account in the Baladi platform.
4) Enter the data of the deceased and the recipient of the body, then press the "Verify" button.
5) After verifying the mobile number of the recipient of the body, the certificate will be displayed and available for printing.


الاسئلة الشائعة
Can anyone print the burial certificate for the deceased?
No, only the recipient of the body whose number is registered in the system can print the burial certificate.
Can the employee print the burial certificate?
Yes, the employee can do that, through the burial certificate printing service.
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