The service of issuing a license to fence vacant lands

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The service of issuing a license to fence vacant lands

Vacant Land Fencing Services
A procedure resulting in the issuance of a building permit or a fencing permit.

1) Access to my portal through uniform access (Absher).
2) Choose "My Services" tab.
3) Selection of "Space ground fencing licence".
4) See the instructions and confirm the validity of the information.
5) Selection of "Space ground fencing licence issuance service".
6) Check mobile number.
7) Determine the quality of owner and applicant.
8) Choose the cadastral decision to extract his fence license.
9) In case of a survey decision, the cadastral decision to extract a fence shall be selected.
10) In the absence of a cadastral decision, the engineering office can issue the cadastral decision and then issue the license.
11) Select Engineering Office.
12) Send the order to engineering office.
13) The engineering office prepares the desired designs and charts.
14) Payment invoice is issued.
15) After payment of fees the license is issued and can be printed.

1) Survey report of the plot to be fenced.
2) Contracting with engineering office.
3) Payment of service fees.

See the list of required government requirements and approvals by type of activity.

See the executive instructions of the Fines and Penalties Regulation for Municipal Violation.

الاسئلة الشائعة
Who is responsible for the safety of the fence?
The landowner is responsible for the safety and maintenance of the fence.
What is meant by fencing the earth into space?
It is for the landowner to issue a license for fencing a vacant land and fencing the land belonging to him in accordance with the (Guideline for fencing vacant lands) issued by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing (
What are the specifications of the land bound by fencing?
The vacant lands must be fenced according to the main axes targeted in the first phase in the five cities: (Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Dammam, Jeddah), which are specified on the geographical explorer on the Baladi platform =237
Are there conditions for issuing a fencing license (vacant land) container contract?
According to the municipality's requirements, and among the requirements for applying for the service is to attach a container contract for a company qualified by the Secretariat and issued by the Engineering Office.
I have land that is not among the targeted cities, is it necessary to fence it?
It is not required to be fenced off and penalties are not applied to it, but the owner of the land can obtain a license to fence and fence a vacant land.
Is the fine repeated in the event of non-fencing?
Yes, the fine is imposed every two weeks as a minimum in the event of non-fencing.
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Vacant Land Fencing Services
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